With WordPress Social Invitations aka WSI you can enhance your site by letting your users  invite their social network friends. This plugin works perfectly with Buddypress and also hooks into Invite Anyone Plugin.

Try it now!

Thanks for inviting your friends. Please try other network if you wish.

Lot of Supported providers

Currently supported providers are Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and Foursquare. We built a robust queue system to handle invitations for you. That way we don’t exceed the different API limits set by different providers like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc and we ensure all invitations are sent.

Buddypress + Invite Anyone Plugin

The perfect plugin for your Buddypress site. It will also let you import emails (from supported providers) into Invite Anyone Plugin.

Content Locker

Show you content only to users that invited their friends by using a simple shortcode.

Gmail & SMTP Support

You won’t be limited by your hosting. Use your Gmail account or any other third party SMTP provider. Email throttle settings are available to let you decide when and how many emails are sent.

Cubepoints & MyCRED support

Give points and reward your users for sending invitations and for invites accepted. We support the two main Points plugins in WordPress.

Developer Friendly

Are you a developer/designer ? Now you can change every visual aspect of WSI by editing the templates and adding your own branding. You can edit emails template, widget template, loading screens and much more!

More premium only features

  • Now emails are sent with a nice HTML template that looks good in all modern email software.
  • All the power of WSI in a small neat sidebar widget
  • You can give the freedom to your users or you can predefine the invitations messages.
  • Redirect users after they send invitations
  • Change order of providers
  • Translation ready
  • Premium support

Note: Facebook uses SEND Dialog (share dialog on mobile devices), LinkedIn posts a status in LinkedIn network and Twitter a DM. Google , Yahoo, Foursquare and Hotmail will use emails.

Please run a requirement’s test by downloading this file, uploading it to your server root folder and going to yoursite/test.php with any browser.

Be aware that on Invite Anyone Plugin only the providers that share emails will work.

Providers supported by Invite Anyone Plugin : Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Foursquare

WPEngine Users be aware that your hosting don’t support PHP SESSIONS for non logged users, so WordPress Social Invitations will only work with logged users unless you ask them to disable cache.

Email limits: Some shared hosting have poor email limitations. Check our thread in